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Narrabeen Aerial Photography


Happy new year everyone, the latest data from CoreLogic shows that Australia’s housing market finished the year strongly.
Nationally, CoreLogic’s home value index rose 1.0% in December, the third consecutive month-on-month rise. This meant that over the course of 2020 Australian home values increased 3.0% with regional housing values rising by 6.9% and capital city values up 2.0%, over the 12-month period.
CoreLogic also reports that despite new listing numbers being consistently lower than 2019, the number of home sales was almost 8% higher though 2020 compared with the 2019 calendar year.
Property Volume sales graph
Property sales Volume graph
North Narrabeen Pool

Narrabeen History
The possible true origin:

On January 26th, 1801, Lieutenant James Grant and a party of three were walking to Pittwater, where they hoped to find a small rowing boat that had been stolen from Sydney.
According to Grant’s journal, at the mouth of the lagoon, he was confronted by a stream and the problem of crossing it.
The Aborigines told him that their name for the stream was Narrowbine. Grant recorded it faithfully in his journal which was published later that year.
Many historians have debated how the name Narrabeen was derived and all appear to have overlooked Grant’s journal.

– from an article in the Manly Daily, March 18, 1998, by John Morcombe.

Local Area Information

• Narrabeen Lakes Primary School: 1299 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen. PH: 9913 7077
• Narrabeen Sports High School: 10 Narmona Street, North Narrabeen. PH: 9913 7820
• Collaroy Plateau Public School: 41 Plateau Road, Collaroy. PH 9971 8487
• Pittwater House: 70 South Creek Road, Collaroy. PH 9981 4400

Childcare Centers:
• Our Little Friends Kindergarten: 102 Lagoon Street, Narrabeen. PH: 9913 1064
• Early Childhood Health Centers: 1393 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen. PH: 9913 8870
• Acre Woods Childcare: 26 Plateau Road, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9971 7389
• Collaroy Plateau OOSH: 41a Plateau Road, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9972 0533
• Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten: 41-43 Hall Ave, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9982 6167
• Early Childhood health centres: 69 Veterans Parade, Collaroy Plateau. PH 9971 9394
• Kou Bins Family Day Care: 30 Essilia Street Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9981 6068
• Little Knickers: Plateau Road, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 1300 399 839

Medical Centres/ Chemists:
• Gateway Medical Centre: 2/1 Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale. PH. 9998 3400
• Collaroy GP: 71 Veterans Parade, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9981 3330
• Pulse Pharmacy: 1117 Pittwater Road, Collaroy. PH: 1300 399 839

Parks & Reserves

• Collaroy Beach
• Fisherman’s Beach
• Long Reef Beach
• Anzac Avenue Reserve
• Narrabeen Beach
• North Narrabeen Beach
• Fox Park

Clubs and Pubs:

• The Sands Hotel, 1260 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen.
• Collaroy Beach Services Club, 1058 Pittwater Road, Collaroy.
• Surf Rock Hotel, 1064 Pittwater Road, Collaroy.

Veterinary Care:

• Collaroy Veterinary Services, 1185 Pittwater Road, Collaroy. PH: 9971 8487
• Collaroy Plateau Vet Clinic, 24A Aubreen Street, Collaroy Plateau. PH: 9982 9439
• Elanora Veterinary Clinic: 53 Kalang Road, Elanora Heights. PH: 9982 9439