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COVID 19 Selling and Buying Plan at LJ Hooker Narrabeen

We at LJ Hooker Narrabeen are thinking of everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we commend the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments all across the world who are striving to limit the virus.

PS. If you are considering Buying and Selling, we have a plan to safely guide you through this stressful process. 

Covid 19 Safe Property Selling
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One of Australia’s No1 real estate trainers and Auctioneer is predicting that in Spring 2021, we will have the largest surge of properties on the market in living memory. There is a listing shortage across Australia and it will become a buyer’s market.

COVID 19 Selling and Buying Plan at LJ Hooker Narrabeen

We at LJ Hooker Narrabeen are thinking of everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we commend the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments all across the world who are striving to limit the virus.


COVID 19 Selling and Buying Plan at LJ Hooker Narrabeen
(Business as Unusual)

  • A list of the rules for real estate property showings
  • The way we handle showings, eg. One on one, masks, hand sanitiser, follow the regulations, QR codes etc
  • Our Active Pipe to buyers, database, cross-selling from other properties, the use of buyer’s agent’s databases, LJ Hooker Network across the Northern Beaches
  • We use professional photographers, floorplan, virtual tours and virtual 3D floorplans plus drone video to highlight your property, Social media, not leaving a stone unturned to find the best buyers for your property
  • We qualify buyers so as not to waste your time during this COVIDsafe situation
  • Professional Negotiations are conducted by:- one on one, virtual zoom calls, face-time calls, online transparent sale systems and virtual Auctions while creating a competitive environment to leverage the result
  • We have a paperless system where all parties can sign contracts and documents online
  • We are ready for every situation which can come up during a lockdown situation or partial situation, and we can change direction in a moment when any situation is escalated or reversed.

Virtual Tour - COVID 19 Selling and Buying Plan at LJ Hooker Narrabeen

PRESS PLAY to view full Virtual Tour

PRESS PLAY to view full Virtual Tour

Our team is committed to reducing the spread and assisting in the flattening of the curve. Note that your LH Hooker Narrabeen team are here to make finding a home simple, safe, and stress-free as each state and territory transitions out of restrictions.

Detailed below is how we at LJ Hooker Narrabeen are working during the current COVID-19 restrictions in NSW. For more general information about the Covid-19 restrictions, visit the NSW Covid-19 website

The NSW Government have imposed strict ‘stay at home orders’ for residents of Greater Sydney. This means that residents and individuals whose primary place of employment is in Greater Sydney must stay at home unless there is an emergency. Due to this, no open houses for sale or rental properties will be held unless a private appointment. This also includes auctions not be held in person.

How we aim to continue working with you:

LJ Hooker Narrabeen continues to provide one on one person inspections upon appointment and is continuing to explore new alternatives. Online Appraisals and Inspections for both sale and rental properties, Virtual tours and Virtual 3D floorplans plus high-quality drone video’s and photography are some of the new solutions we have in place in order to highlight your property or make viewing a potential new home easier for our clients.

We will continue to adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation by asking those who request a private appointment to sanitise and scan our Service NSW QR Code upon arrival along with wearing a face mask at all times. Additionally, we strongly recommend the use of social distancing measures and other practices that minimise the spread of COVID19.

Our team have increased our social media platforms by uploading more content each week to keep our followers up to date with all the new rentals, properties for sale and news within the Narrabeen community. 

We have also introduced a brand new paperless system where all parties can sign contracts and documents online.

We continue to produce and send out of our Weekly Listing Email to ensure that our clients are aware of properties that are for sale and that have recently sold. We also include four new detailed articles each week for your perusal.

This additionally includes our Monthly Sold Property Report that displays cross-selling information from other properties by the use of buyers agents databases and the LJ Hooker Network across the Northern Beaches.

For potential sellers, we qualify buyers so as not to waste your time during this COVID situation. To also highlight, our professional negotiations are conducted by one on one, virtual zoom calls, online transparent sale systems and Virtual Auctions while creating a competitive environment to leverage the result.

Packages of COVID assistance for tenants and landlords:

Both tenants and landlords will benefit from these new, temporary solutions. During this phase of the pandemic, they will aid in reducing community movement and the virus’s potential spread.

This is merely general information only. For the most up to date information visit Fair Trading NSW here

Evictions are on hold for 60 days:

Tenants who are unable to pay their rent in full due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak will not be evicted from now until September 11, 2021.

What happens if your tenancy is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control?

Terminations for causes other than rental arrears are not subject to the 60-day freeze.

What will happen after September 11th, 2021?

If the tenant fails to pay the rent due under the agreement after September 11, the landlord will be able to terminate the lease in accordance with the Act’s regular termination provisions. As a result, the tenant should continue to pay the maximum amount of rent that they can afford.

If a tenant is affected by COVID-19 and is unable to pay the entire rent, landlords and tenants are encouraged to work together and negotiate rent reductions. A rent reduction agreement changes the payment due under the lease agreement, and if the tenant pays the decreased rent, they will not be in arrears.

Reimbursement of up to $1500 will be available to the landlord for some or all of the lowered rent.

Landlords Receive Financial Assistance:

The Residential Tenancy Support Payment is a one-time payment of up to $1500 for each tenancy agreement. From July 14, 2021, this award will be offered to landlords who agree to cut the rent for COVID-19 impacted renters. If the tenant and landlord agree, the rent reduction arrangement can last longer than the 60-day moratorium period (i.e. after September 11).

Landlords cannot demand that tenants reimburse the decreased rent they received as part of the Residential Tenancy Support Payment.

There are also a variety of different financial aid options. Visit for further information.

Making a Financial Aid Application:

This payment or the COVID-19 land tax benefit (which is an offset of the land tax burden equivalent to the rent decrease provided) can be claimed by a landlord, but not both.

Fair Trading will need to be satisfied that there is a residential tenancy arrangement in existence, such as a deposited rental bond and/or a written agreement, before making a payment.

A website is currently being developed to allow landlords or agents to apply for assistance, which will be paid directly to the landlord or managing agent. It will take a few weeks for the system to go live.

Meanwhile, landlords and brokers should begin negotiating with impacted renters.

What Agents and Landlords can do:

Come to an arrangement with your tenants:

Landlords and agents are encouraged to conduct themselves with integrity when negotiating. To verify that a tenant is a COVID impacted tenant, you can ask for reasonable proof, including:

  • Payslips or bank statements that reflect a decrease in income
  • Job termination/stand-down or reduced-hours documentation from an employer
  • Centrelink confirmation of eligibility for financial assistance
  • Medical certificates

You must put your agreement to vary the rent in writing once you and the tenant have reached an agreement. To assist you, Fair Trading NSW has produced a template (which will be available soon). The template includes all of the information you’ll need to apply for financial aid. For more information, go to Fair Trading NSW.

More information on COVID-19:

All COVID-19 information may be found on the NSW Government website.



An Example of a Transparent Sale and what you will view on your Computer or Phone/ Ipad


When you’re looking to buy a house or property, you get caught in this game of submitting offers and being told there are ten other people interested and you better go higher to even have a chance. But you never really know if what you’re being told is a sales tactic or if you have in fact chosen the most popular house in the country!

Transparent Sale adds a layer of transparency to the process:

  • Only people legitimately interested in a property will be given a secure login
  • Once you log in, you can see a history of genuine offers and place your own when you’re ready and happy to do so
  • It’s completely anonymous to the other potential buyers (but the agents know who everyone is)

And you can do this easily from your phone, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, with absolutely no pressure from the agent! See Video below-

Transparent Sales System for Buyers

Transparent Sale System